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Onic Brands LLC

Onic Brands Sōurdough Learnings

Onic Brands Sōurdough Learnings

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Onic Brands Sourdough Learnings: Where Bread & Knowledge Rise Together

Immerse yourself in the world of sourdough with Onic Brands' Sourdough Learnings Hands-on Class, a unique experience that blends expert instruction with the joy of crafting your own tangy loaf.

Get your hands dirty (and deliciously rewarded):

    • Interactive learning: Go beyond theory. This class isn't just lecture; it's an immersive experience where you'll actively mix, knead, shape, and bake your own sourdough bread under the guidance of an experienced baker.
    • Master the fundamentals: Gain a solid understanding of sourdough starters, feeding schedules, shaping techniques, and the baking processes. Learn the science behind the magic as you create authentic sourdough from scratch.
    • Trouble-shooting made easy: Ask questions, get personalized feedback, and overcome any sourdough hurdles you encounter. Our instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring your success.

More than just a loaf:

    • Community connection: Bond with fellow bread enthusiasts as you share laughter, stories, and the satisfaction of creating something delicious together.
    • Sensory exploration: Immerse yourself in the unique aromas and textures of sourdough, from the tangy starter to the warm, crusty loaf emerging from the oven.
    • Lasting skills: Take home not just a delicious loaf, but the confidence and knowledge to continue your sourdough journey and bake incredible bread for years to come.

Who should join?

    • Baking enthusiasts: Whether you're a sourdough newbie or a seasoned baker looking to refine your skills, this class offers valuable insights and hands-on practice.
    • Food lovers: Discover the magic of sourdough and appreciate the artistry that goes into crafting this unique bread.
    • Gift-givers: Offer an unforgettable experience to a friend or family member who loves to bake or explore new culinary adventures.

What's included?

    • Expert instruction from a passionate baker
    • Hands-on baking experience
    • Delicious sourdough loaf you can take home
    • Printed recipes and resources

Join Onic Brands' Sourdough Learnings Hands-on Class and embark on a journey of discovery, hands-on learning, and delicious rewards. Sign up today and let your sourdough adventure begin!

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