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Transform Your Home and Skincare Routine with All-Natural and Organic Essential Household and Facial Products.


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Discover the Art of Sourdough Baking and Enjoy and Experience all of our Homemade Culinary Delights


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Our Story

Our company offers a wide range of all natural and organic products, including facial cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, tinctures, and homeopathic alternatives.

Onic Brands is also proud to have a complete hands-on approach and impact locally in offering the highest quality ingredients with a high focus on clean and natural ingredients for their highly requested Kitchen Collection items. We strive to get as close from our kitchen to table and farm to table in all of our food offerings.

A Cleaner Way of Living

In a post Covid era, it became very apparent in 2021 that something wasn't right with my health and my day-to-day living. In a deeper dive search for days on end, in a struggle just to find answers that I could not get from medical professionals, I decided that God had all of the answers in what He already created. What started out as simply looking for an alternative to a headache relief medication, led to years of research and hours of complete understanding in how the body works with nature and nutrition. We encourage you to take a look at the products we've created so you can begin your cleaner way of life.

The Face Behind OnicBrands

Ronica Coldiron is the founder of Onic Brands LLC, a company based in Abilene, Texas. After many successful years in the business industry, Ronica has focused this season of life toward a cleaner way of living due to a diagnosis that required her to get as close as possible to a natural and organic lifestyle. Along the way, in her healing journey, she realized that she had become aware of information that could help others. This helped inspire the lifelong dream of her having her own brand of clean products. Including a women's facial line, tinctures, detox products, and the (coming soon) Kactus' Kidz Collection.

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