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Onic Brands LLC

Sourdough Bread Bites

Sourdough Bread Bites

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Don't let the looks of these bread bites deceive you!! These are loved by many... old and young!!

Sourdough Bread Bites are perfect for those who crave a delicious and nutritious snack. These unique bites are made from traditional sourdough bread, meaning you get the benefits of a healthy sourdough loaf with the convenience of a bite size snack. Enjoy the nutty taste of sourdough in a crunchy snack!

Embrace the simple pleasure of sourdough with Onic Brands Sourdough Bread Bites. These bite-sized delights are a great substitute for your favorite breadstick.

A Taste of Tradition:

    • Made with Real Sourdough Starter: Our bread bites are baked with a naturally fermented sourdough starter, resulting in a complex flavor profile and a satisfyingly chewy inside with a crunchy outside.
    • Baked to Perfection: Our baker carefully handcrafts each batch using time-tested sourdough techniques, ensuring a consistent, delicious result every time.

More Than Just a Bite:

    • Versatility at Your Fingertips: Enjoy our sourdough bread bites on their own as a satisfying snack, dip them in your favorite hummus or olive oil. They also make a great pairing with a salad, spaghetti, or lasagna. Looks can be deceiving, taste is everything.

Unleash the Flavor of Sourdough:

    • The satisfying crunch of freshly baked bread.
    • A versatile snack that fits any lifestyle.

Onic Brands Sourdough Bread Bites are more than just a snack; they're an invitation to experience the rich heritage and deliciousness of sourdough tradition. Share the joy of real food with friends and family, one bite at a time.

Each batch makes approximately 2 dozen.

Upon ordering you will be given a pickup date and time. Please note most orders need a 2–3-day lead window for completion depending on our baking schedule. Additionally, we are a homemade scratch kitchen. WE ARE NOT INSPECTED BY THE HEALTH FOOD DEPARTMENT. However, we do operate under the Cottage Law of the State of Texas.

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