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Christmas Dehydrated Starter Gift Basket

Christmas Dehydrated Starter Gift Basket

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The perfect gift for any baking enthusiast - this holiday Dehydrated Sourdough Starter Gift Basket is a festive way to kick-start your sourdough baking adventures. The gift basket includes high-quality, dehydrated starter cultures with a 95%+ success rate, making it a reliable and delicious addition to your kitchen.

This Christmas Dehydrated Starter Gift Basket is a thoughtful and unique present for any home baker or sourdough enthusiast. This gift basket is perfect for those who are new to sourdough baking or who want to have a backup starter on hand.

What's included:

    • A bag of dehydrated sourdough starter
    • A sourdough starter instruction guide
    • A spatula for making your starter active.
    • A festive Christmas wrapping.

Benefits of giving a Christmas Dehydrated Starter Gift Basket:

    • It's a unique and thoughtful gift that any home baker or sourdough enthusiast will appreciate.
    • It's a great way to introduce someone to the joys of sourdough baking.
    • The included sourdough starter is easy to use and rehydrate with full instructions and constant help from me personally to help you launch!
    • It's a festive and fun gift that is sure to be appreciated during the holiday season and the days to come.  

Here is a more detailed description of each item included in the gift basket:

    • Dehydrated sourdough starter: This is the heart of the gift basket. The dehydrated sourdough starter is easy to store and can be rehydrated when the recipient is ready to bake.

    • Sourdough starter instruction guide: This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to rehydrate the dehydrated sourdough starter, care for the starter, and bake sourdough bread.

    • Bread lame: This tool is used to score the top of sourdough bread before baking. This helps the bread to rise evenly and creates a beautiful crust.

    • Spatula: A versatile spatula for handling the sourdough starter during rehydration, mixing, and maintaining the culture.

    • Festive Christmas wrapping: The gift basket is wrapped in festive Christmas wrapping, making it a perfect present for the holiday season. Additionally, we can wrap this in any ribbon for any holiday...Birthday, Valentines or just a Congrats to help celebrate your loved ones. 
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