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Onic Brands LLC

Onic Brands Roasted Pecan Pie

Onic Brands Roasted Pecan Pie

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Indulge in the classic flavor of roasted Pecan Pie. Our pies are crafted with the finest ingredients, with a delectable blend of roasted nuts, butter, and sweet syrup. Perfect for any occasion, our pies are sure to be a hit.

Onic Brands Roasted Pecan Pie: A Culinary Delight

Onic Brands takes pride in crafting the ultimate roasted pecan pie, a culinary masterpiece that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Indulge in the symphony of flavors and textures that make this pie an irresistible treat.


A Custard Filling that Melts in Your Mouth

The pie's filling is a culinary masterpiece in itself, a blend of eggs, sugar, corn syrup, and butter, infused with a hint of vanilla extract. The result is a rich and creamy custard that melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering sweetness that perfectly complements the toasted pecans.

An Abundance of Roasted Pecans for a Nutty Crunch

The star of the show, of course, is the abundance of roasted pecans, scattered generously throughout the filling. These pecans are not just any pecans; they are carefully selected for their superior quality and roasted to perfection. Each bite delivers a delightful crunch and a burst of nutty flavor, elevating the pie's overall taste to new heights.

A Pie that Epitomizes Onic Brands' Commitment to Quality

Every Onic Brands roasted pecan pie is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use only the finest ingredients and employ time-honored techniques to ensure that each pie is a culinary masterpiece. Our commitment to quality is evident in every bite, from the buttery crust to the rich custard filling and the abundance of toasted pecans.

A Dessert that Warms the Heart and Soul

Onic Brands roasted pecan pie is more than just a dessert; it's an experience that will warm your heart and soul. The pie's aroma alone will entice your senses, while the first bite will transport you to a world of pure culinary bliss. Share this delightful treat with loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Upon ordering you will be given a pickup date and time. Please note most orders need a 2–3-day lead window for completion depending on our baking schedule. Additionally, we are a homemade scratch kitchen. WE ARE NOT INSPECTED BY THE HEALTH FOOD DEPARTMENT. However, we do operate under the Cottage Law of the State of Texas.

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